Paramount+ unveiled in South Korea as free addition to TVing platform

Paramount+ unveiled in South Korea as free addition to TVing platform

Streaming service Paramount+ has reportedly launched in South Korea as a free addition to the TVing platform.

Paramount+ will exclusively roll out original content like Halo apart from Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber, Yellowjackets, 1883, and Mayor of Kingstown for the first time in Korea through the new branded zone.

The service will also offer access to movie titles like Top Gun, Mission: Impossible, Transformers; CBS series NCIS and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; Comedy Central’s South Park, Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants; MTV’s young adult series, and content from Showtime.

The unveiling is part of a planned global collaboration between CJ ENM and Paramount Global that was announced in December 2021. The agreement comprises content distribution and licensing across TVing and Paramount+ along with collaborations on seven Korean original shows.

Originally, TVing was launched by CJ Hellovision in 2010. The platform has significantly grown over the past three years, restructuring itself as an independent business two years ago. It is now co-owned by Korean tech giant Naver, TV broadcaster and producer JTBC, and CJ ENM.

Lotte Entertainment currently handles Paramount’s Korean theatrical releases. Lotte competes with the CJ businesses in film production, cinemas, distribution, and finance. The conglomerate will roll out Top Gun: Maverick across Korea on June 22nd, 2022.

Yonder is the first local production from the Paramount Global-CJ ENM partnership. It will be premiered this year in Korea on TVing. It will be streamed on Paramount+ across all global markets wherever the service is available.

To further bolster its investments in content, Paramount is also seeking opportunities and projects for the Korean adaptations of reputed Paramount scripted IPs, reality shows, and worldwide franchises.

The integration of Paramount+ with TVing indicates a pivotal moment for the firm’s progress, as it moves towards an expansion of the Paramount service in the Asian region, especially South Korea, which is emerging as a prominent market for content production, culture, music and streaming.

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