Qatar Airways set foot into metaverse with the launch of QVerse

Qatar Airways set foot into metaverse with the launch of QVerse

The airline is also said to be the very first globally to unveil a MetaHuman cabin crew offering an interactive customer experience

Qatar's state-owned flag carrier airline, Qatar Airways has reportedly entered into the metaverse by introducing QVerse, a new VR (Virtual Reality) experience for visitors to the airline's website.

With this launch, users of the website will be able to virtually navigate and tour the Premium Check-in area at Hamad International Airport (HIA), the cabin interior of the aircraft, including the Economy Class, and the award-winning Business Class - Qsuite, by using its own PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices).

Qatar Airways is also said to be the first global airline which has introduced a MetaHuman cabin crew that provides a digital interactive customer experience.

Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, said that as the physical boundaries are constantly being challenged by the metaverse on a rising larger scale, it is exhilarating to hold a technology that permits all travel enthusiasts to enjoy an immersive experience of the award-winning products and services.

He further added that the firm's status for being the first to launch a MetaHuman cabin crew is a significant moment unwavering the desire to innovate and please customers.

The firm is constantly looking forward to introducing and adopting unique technologies that augment the complete journey of the passengers.

Moreover, Qatar Airways has introduced a MetaHuman cabin crew, including a digitally formed high-fidelity 3D human model termed Sama, whose name is derived from Arabic origin and means 'sky'.

Sama offers interactive customer experience via engaging with users, taking them on a virtual journey of discovery while offering a unique feature in both the economy and business class cabins via a narrated script.

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