Rear Spoiler Market Technological Innovations and Future Opportunities 2024

Rear Spoiler Market Technological Innovations and Future Opportunities 2024

Rear spoiler market is expected to continue its upward ascent till 2024. While rear spoilers are heavily deployed for improving aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, they are also used to lend a sportier look to cars. As global sales for vehicles experience a massive increase, the target market for external automobile décor has also been gaining momentum. In consequence, this demand is expected to heavily influence rear spoiler industry size, projected to cross 44 million units in terms of volume by 2024.

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Pivotal behemoths in the automotive industry have been increasing their efforts to find innovative ways for reducing a vehicle’s overall weight and adding to its fuel efficiency. These efforts eventually target the growth of rear spoiler market, given that these products improve a car’s aerodynamics and increase traction on the rear end of the vehicle. They are also reputed to increase the safety feature in vehicles, by increasing the grip of the car while making turns.

Apart from plastic, carbon fiber is also another popular material that is taking the rear spoiler industry by storm, not only because of its light weight but also due to its desirable appearance and durability. In 2016, carbon fiber based rear spoiler market was valued at USD 700 million and is expected to perform equally well in the forecast period of 2017-2024.

The rising demand for sports and high-speed cars will indeed contribute to the strong growth of the rear spoiler market in North America and Europe. Major car manufacturers in Germany, Italy, France and UK will also drive the rear spoiler industry in Europe with their addition of innovative car designs and use of new and advanced composite materials. APAC rear spoiler industry on the other hand, will witness a boost primarily on account of the growing passenger vehicle demand in this region. Speaking of which, in 2016, around 13 million units of rear spoilers had been installed in Asia Pacific, with China, India, South Korea and Japan being the leading contributors.

The restrictions imposed on the speed limit for vehicles has somewhat dampened the rear spoiler market share, given that a vehicle would actually not need a rear spoiler unless it is moving at a high speed. But the increasing demand for sports and high-speed cars as well as the desire to add a sporty look to the vehicle has fueled the growth of rear spoiler industry. Besides, it is also noteworthy to state that practical necessities like adding traction, increasing fuel efficiency, adding visibility, and increasing braking stability have also provided a positive stimulus to the rear spoiler industry size.

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Chapter 4    Rear Spoiler Market, By Technology

4.1    Global market share by technology, 2016 & 2024

4.2    Blow Molding

4.3    Injection molding

4.4    Reaction injection molding

Chapter 5    Rear Spoiler Market, By Material

5.1    Global market share by material, 2016 & 2024

5.2    ABS Plastic

5.3    Fiberglass

5.4    Carbon fiber

5.5    Sheet Metal

Chapter 6    Rear Spoiler Market, By Fuel

6.1    Global market share by fuel, 2016 & 2024

6.2    ICE

6.3    BEV

6.4    Hybrid

Chapter 7    Rear Spoiler Industry, By Vehicle

7.1    Global market share by vehicle, 2016 & 2024

7.2    Hatchback

7.3    SUV

7.4    MPV

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