Robot orders surge by 40% as employers tackle labour shortage

Robot orders surge by 40% as employers tackle labour shortage

As employers across the world are looking for ways to meet demand in light of ongoing labour shortage, many are now turning to automated technology and robots as an alternate solution.

Shift towards automation is becoming a promising way for firms that are struggling to meet the demand in the current market scenario.

In fact, according to the Association for Advancing Automation, orders for robots have increased by 40% in the first quarter of 2022 and were said to be up by 21% overall in 2021, directing the industry to a projected value of $1.6 billion.

David A. Zapico, Chief Executive Officer of Ametek Inc., said that people are looking forward to removing labour, stating that the automatic machine firms had reportedly fired on all cylinders to satisfy the demand.

Robots offer at least a temporary solution for businesses that are victimized by the challenging hiring market that is spoiled by the outbreak, vast economic turmoil, and the highest recorded quitting rates.

To shed some stats, in March, the openings in US jobs recorded a high of 11.5 million, and as predicted by some experts, this crisis is here to stay for several years.

The shortage has impacted everything from air travel to retail as firms are forced to reduce their output due to insufficient resources.

Although, innovative technology is empowering machines to aid a growing number of industry sectors by becoming more accessible at the same time.

Michael Cicco, CEO of industrial robot provider Fanuc America, said that robots are becoming easy to use compared to earlier when companies used to think that automation was too expensive or hard to implement.

Although, as the robot usage surges, some have uttered worry regarding machines replacing human workers as the labour crisis will ease eventually.

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