Russian corona vaccine begins large-scale ingestion before clinical trials are completed, concerns about safety and efficacy increase

The city of Moscow announced on the 5th that it has begun large-scale inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine “Sputnik V” developed in Russia. For people in occupations with a high risk of infection, such as medical personnel and teachers. However, the final stage of clinical trials has not been completed, and there are deep-rooted concerns about safety and efficacy.

It seems that the aim is to promote the Russian vaccine against the start of vaccination developed by US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and others in the UK at the beginning of the week. Inoculation for domestic use is free. President Putin had instructed him to start a large-scale vaccination by the next weekend on the 2nd.

In Russia, more than 100,000 medical personnel have been vaccinated in tests, but Putin has avoided vaccination. “Before the mass vaccination begins, the head of state cannot participate in the vaccination,” Peskov said. However, there are some who question whether Mr. Putin, who is cautious, will accept the vaccination even after the large-scale vaccination.

In August, Sputnik V was approved by Russia for the first time in the world as a new corona vaccine. According to the government-affiliated “Russian Direct Investment Fund” involved in development, the effectiveness is 95%. There are plans to export vaccines at a lower price than those made in Europe and the United States, and there are criticisms that the vaccine is being used politically for raising national prestige and the Putin administration’s diplomatic strategy.