Sage extends partnership with Microsoft to simplify workflows for SMBs

Sage extends partnership with Microsoft to simplify workflows for SMBs

Sage, an online accounting and payroll software provider, has recently extended its partnership with Microsoft, a technology corporation.

This initiative is in line with plans to integrate Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, and other Microsoft Business Products as embedded services in the Sage Digital Network and products.

According to Steve Hare, Sage’s CEO, small- and medium-sized businesses are increasingly turning into digital businesses. However, the connection of tools they use can act as a challenge to their growth.

Microsoft business products have long been the tools of choice for collaboration. Through the expanded partnership, the software company will remove frictions and help SMBs achieve real productivity gains, Hare added.

In addition, the partnership will support Sage in providing a choice of cloud platforms for customers, including the ability to collaborate and communicate to seamlessly conduct businesses.

In July this year, Sage published the first early release of Sage Active, an integrated, easy-to-configure Business Management Solution built on Azure, with select customers. This native cloud solution is developed to support SMBs to maintain compliance and operations.

Under the extended partnership, both companies will ensure:

  • Simplification: Integration between the two platforms is crucial for SMBs, since Sage is a system of records for people, financials, and payroll, while Microsoft is the choice for millions of businesses worldwide. Linking the communication as well as collaboration tools present in Microsoft 365 to the back offices will also reduce manual processes and simplify workflows.
  • Improved Reliability: Through Sage Products on Microsoft Azure, the partnership will offer high reliability, performance, security, and scalability, allowing end-users to access Microsoft OneDrive, virtual desktops and apps, as well as SaaS apps on devices with an SSO (single sign-on), as part of Sage membership.
  • Productivity: Both companies will provide streamlined digital work experiences to SMBs to increase productivity and ensure business agility while improving governance, security, and workflows.

The latest partnership reflects the aligned sustainability objectives of both companies. They have a shared goal to promote low-carbon business practices through cloud-enabled technologies and sustainable practices worldwide.

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