Samsung to unveil its latest Galaxy smartphones earlier than usual

Samsung to unveil its latest Galaxy smartphones earlier than usual
Samsung, the renowned South Korean smartphone giant, has reportedly said that its next smartphone launch announcement would be conducted on 14th of Jan 2021, where the company is expected to unveil the latest versions of the Galaxy flagship phones.

The launch event invitations that were sent out by the company stated that the event would be broadcast on the Samsung website at approximately 10 am ET. Apparently, the smartphone launch will be taking place in the same week of CES 2021, the largest annual tech show where big enterprises often display their new products. This time around CES 2021 would be a digital-only event.

Usually, Samsung, holds these launch events for the company’s flagship Galaxy devices in the month of February, which is closer to the time of the Mobile World Congress show.

While Samsung has not elaborated much in the invitations it sent out for the 14 January event, media reports from previous leaks imply that the company could rollout three smartphones: the Galaxy S21 Ultra, S21+, and S21, which are expected to succeed the Samsung S20 devices.

In 2020, the South Korean firm stated that its third-quarter (Q3) revenues were boosted partly by the sale of its smartphones, which included the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. The company anticipated that there would be immense competition within the consumer electronics and smartphone space in the fourth quarter, which analysts claim was likely owing to the launch of iPhone 12 as well as iPhone 12 Pro.

Recently, Samsung president as well as mobile communications business head, TM Roh, stated that the company will be expanding its foldable smartphones portfolio, making them more accessible to people in 2021. These foldable devices are on the costlier end of the Samsung smartphone products catalogue, with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip going for nearly $1,400.

In anticipation of the new flagship launch, shares of Samsung Electronics in South Korea jumped approximately 2.47% on 04th of Jan 2021.