Scientist shocked, collapse of space dangers warns Arecibo telescope

Scientist shocked, collapse of space dangers warns Arecibo telescope
New Delhi: People in the scientific world are in shock right now because they lost something they used to sit in one place and get information on astronomical secrets. In fact, here is the talk of the giant Arecibo telescope, which completely collapsed on December 1. This telescope was located in Puerto Rica, which has long helped scientists. Therefore, people belonging to the world of science are extremely upset by its collapse. How big is this loss, we can measure it from the fact that the countrys meteorologist Ada Monjan cried while talking about it.

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Scientists are considered the largest telescope in the world
Meteorologist Ada Monjan described the collapse of this Arecibo, which has sat on the earth for more than half a century and solving the mysteries of space and has been a great loss to scientists. Giving information about this incident, she looked very moved and tears came out of her eyes. Ada said that a lot of effort was put into saving Arecibo, but alas, he has now completely collapsed. Scientists considered it to be the largest radio telescope in the world.

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It was Arecibos specialty
Scientists are worried that now a device giving information about dangers from space, sitting on earth, has been completed. Scientists used to study huge space rocks in space thanks to Arecibo. Anne Virky, who leads the planetary radar team, says: “No other telescope can replace Arecibo. Its radar transmitter sent light to an object which collided and returned, then its radio dish made it possible to retain this signal. This gave scientists information on the position, size and area of ​​asteroids.

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This is the reason for the collapse of the telescope
Arecibos 900 ton platform fell 400 feet into the jar on the reflective plate. The American National Science Foundation had already announced its closure. Referring to the incident, NSF said no one was injured in the crash. Arecibo is said to be in critical condition. Its Augustillery cable was cut in August, causing a 100-foot cut on a 1000-foot-wide reflector antenna. This is the reason why the platform suspended above was damaged. Arecibos main cable broke in early November. Astronomer and professor Carmen Pantoza of the University of Puerto Rica described it as a major tragedy. The NSF said other means would be sought to help the scientific community and strengthen ties with the Puerto Rican people.

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Scientists have lost precious jewels
Dr Jonathan Freedman, a scientist who has worked at Arecibo for decades, called the incident a ""storm"". He said that at first it looked like there was a high speed earthquake with heavy rain. The thunder of clouds was also heard for a few moments. Meteorologist Deborah Martorell expressed her displeasure with the incident, saying: It could have been avoided. He said the bureaucracy sat down and waited for the NSF to collapse the platform. He said that Arecibo is a gem of the scientific world and its hard to believe it isnt now.