Scientists reveal that the end of the solar system will be sooner than expected as the sun will end at the end. Scientists reveal the end of the solar system will be sooner than expected, the sun will end at the end

New Delhi: Many studies have been carried out on the solar system, in which scientists have obtained new information. It has been said of the end of the solar system that there is too much time for it to end. Scientists had assessed the end of the solar system.

The latest study has shown that the solar system will end sooner than expected. The sun will end at the end. At that time, it will shrink into a Vamana star and after its heat slowly wears off it will turn into a cold, dead rock. It will take trillions of years, but before that the rest of the solar system will be finished.

Newton had estimated

According to the new simulations, it will only take 100 billion years for the planets in our solar system to come to an end. Astronomers and physicists have been trying to discover the end of the solar system for many years.

In new research, University of Los Angeles astronomer Joan Zinc in California, University of Michigan astronomer Fred Adams, and Caltech’s Constantine Battigin wrote that one of the oldest approaches to cosmophysics was to understand the long-term sustainability of our solar system. Even Newton had to know that.

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How will the solar system end

In a dynamic system, when many objects are involved that interact with each other. The system therefore becomes more complicated. Predicting such systems becomes very difficult. This is called a bodily problem. It is impossible to make a definitive estimate on some previous time scales of the orbits of the solar system.

After 50 lakh years to crore years, his certainty completely disappears. But if we can find out what’s going to happen at the end of our solar system, then we can also find out how the universe came into being. In 1999, astronomers predicted that the solar system would slowly disintegrate in at least a billion years.

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The color of the sun will change after 5 billion years

It will take time to separate the orbital resonance of Guru and Saturn. Now, according to the Zinc team, the solar system can be dispersed quickly. According to this study, after 5 billion years, the Sun will transform into the first large red body and will swallow Mercury, Venus and Earth. After the next 50 billion years, the last planet will also be separated from the solar system and after 100 billion years the sun will also stop.

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