Seqirus partners with the Pandemic Institute to prevent flu pandemics

Seqirus partners with the Pandemic Institute to prevent flu pandemics

Seqirus, a leader in influenza prevention and part of CSL Limited, has reportedly entered a multi-year partnership deal with the University of Liverpool Pandemic Institute for influenza research.

Under the latest collaboration, Seqirus will take part in knowledge generation and research projects on the threats of seasonal influenza and the formation of innovative approaches to ensure pandemic response and preparedness.

The recent $5.9 million (£5 million) research collaboration will last for five years. Under the terms of the deal, Seqirus will provide research materials, financial support, and technical and scientific expertise to manage and prevent pandemic and seasonal influenza.

As per the statement made by Seqirus’ VP, Global Head of Policy, Advocacy, and Government Affairs, Sharon McHale, the COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated the importance of scientific partnership and research to support pandemic response.

The Director of the Pandemic Institute, Professor Tom Solomon, reportedly stated that the institute is committed to playing a major role in preventing, preparing, and responding to flu pandemics. Through the partnership with world-leading academic, clinical, data-driven, and public health expertise, it is keen to leverage the synergies in the partnership with Seqirus.

Professor Solomon further added that the institute is thrilled that the University of Liverpool, its founding partner, has taken the lead on the latest deal. It is looking forward to bringing together the combined intelligence and resources to create scientific excellence.

Seqirus has maintained a track record of investment in Liverpool. Currently, the Liverpool site is considered to be the largest vaccine manufacturing facility for influenza across the United Kingdom, manufacturing and producing nearly 50 million doses of seasonal influenza vaccine per year. The site also employs around 800 highly skilled staff.

For the uninitiated, the site is a key part of Seqirus’ response strategy against a potential influenza pandemic and is contracted to manufacture over 200 million doses of vaccines whenever required.

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