Shoals to revive legendary music culture with incentives for artists

Shoals to revive legendary music culture with incentives for artists

Economic development agency, Shoals EDA has reportedly unveiled the Shoals Music Makers Recording Incentive which will provide artists up to 30% reimbursement on albums recorded in Shoals.

Aiming to reinstate the legendary recording tradition of the region, the Shoals Economic Development Authority (EDA) panel is exploring the space of cultural economy with music and film as the core economic drivers.

Shoals EDA President, Kevin Jackson stated that the plans to roll out music and film incentives have been set in motion since 2019, which later received funding from the Shoals Industrial Development Committee on adopting the plan in 2021.

Jackson confirmed that music and film have been one of the top targets for Shoals EDA. While the organization is focusing on the music segment, the film aspect is not being imploded with opportunities.

For the unversed, the incentives are determined based on the reimbursement receipts and are ranked into four tiers, offering an extensive range with Tier 1 offering $5,000 to $10,000 to Tier 4 at $75,000 to $200,000.

The reimbursements range from 10% to 30% catering to the smallest and the largest projects respectively.

Speaking on the initiative, Judy Hood, Chairwoman of Muscle Shoals Music Foundation, mentioned that the incentives are rolled out at an opportunistic time after witnessing a migration of artists, producers, and managers from LA, Portland, Nashville, Atlanta, and other major cities to Shoals.

According to Judy, the program aims to boost the local music industry by supporting producers and artists in completing their projects at one of the Shoals studios, which has fostered some great talent and allowed dozens of artists to record hits through the years.

Swampers bassist David Hood believes that the program will be an add-on to his individual efforts and that of other musicians focused on introducing new artists. 

Imperative to note that the selection process for the reimbursements will follow an interview with the candidate along with a thorough assessment of the project’s economic impact.

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