Sky UK to boost original content catalogue to take on streaming rivals

Sky UK to boost original content catalogue to take on streaming rivals
Renowned British telecommunications company and broadcaster, Sky UK, is reportedly squaring up to Amazon, Disney+, and Netflix, in the battle to gain higher viewership by expanding its original British shows catalogue by over 50% and also releasing new, exclusive films every fortnight, which also includes a biopic backed by Danny Boyle about Creation Records, a Britpop record label.

Driven by Britain’s growing appetite for binging on new series during the COVID-19 pandemic, the total number of subscribers to the aforementioned three main streaming services has hit approximately 32 million, which is double that of the conventional pay-TV firms like BT, Virgin Media, and Sky.

With lockdowns across UK pushing up the digital content viewing numbers by over 38% in 2020, the hunger for newer content is booming and so is competition among big streaming enterprises. Recently, Netflix announced that it would start releasing one new movie a week.

Managing Director, Content, Sky UK, Zai Bennett, stated that the company would be doing the same starting 2022 and has increased the number of its original movies from two back in 2020 to over 30 this year.

Bennett stated that the main aim of this effort is to add more value to subscriptions of Sky Cinema. Adding that the movie investment was an addition to the approximately £1 billion Sky has allocated to spend on new and original series by 2024.

Apparently, Sky had already expedited its investment in films before the start of the pandemic and has tried as best it can to accelerate content creation even faster and make as many deals as possible.

The new movies include Alan McGee, starring newcomers James McClelland and Leo Harvey-Elledge as Noel and Liam Gallagher and Ewen Bremner, an adaptation of A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig featuring Maggie Smith, Stephen Merchant, and Kristen Wiig, and Creation Stories, which is cowritten by Irvine Welsh and revolves around the boss of Oasis’s record label.