SLD Laser announces production launch of LaserLightâ„¢ products

SLD Laser announces production launch of LaserLightâ„¢ products
SLD Laser, a global leader in the commercialization of visible laser sources, has reportedly announced the production launch of its LaserLight™ sources. These products will gain widespread adoption in specialty lighting and automotive applications.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Nevada, the company is planning to demonstrate the real-world applications for this high brightness light source technology, as well as its intelligent illumination vision.

LaserLight™ products are expected to help transform and modernize the automotive & lighting industry owing to their myriad usage advantages such as the delivery of above 10 times more brightness than the LEDs, highly directional output, long lifetime, minimal power consumption, and extended range illumination of over 1 km. SLD Laser’s technology has also been used in a wide range of products such as interior lights, automotive headlights, entertainment & architectural lighting, drone lights, and flashlights.

In addition, the LaserLight technology is anticipated to witness adoption in select premium car models that deploy LaserLight Fiber to ensure high beam boost functionality, which will also come along with a conventional low beam LED unit. The technology is also expected to allow new lighting functions in the next-gen autonomous driving applications in the future, by adopting a 1-mm mirror based on the MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology. For the connected cars, it will enable the LiFi data communications, which is high speed, wireless, networked communications made by using light. This form of communication has surpassed the capabilities of conventional Wi-Fi communications as it has a highly increased rate of data transmission, i.e. an excess of 5-GB per second, as well as extended range.

Apart from the automotive applications, the LaserLight sources provide high luminance for consumer products that are related to portable lighting, and professional products used in architecture, entertainment, search and rescue, security, and outdoor lighting. Other new products launched by SLD Laser include handheld, battery-powered flashlights, with a visibility range of 1 km, as well as lightweight, power-efficient modules that can be mounted on drones to deliver enhanced visibility.