Snowfall launches Junction to deliver next generation of travel

Snowfall launches Junction to deliver next generation of travel

Snowfall, a UK-based travel technology company, has recently announced the launch of a next-generation travel platform, Junction. This platform is designed to allow resellers, suppliers, and partners to offer the next generation of travel.

For the record, Junction will provide travelers with more choice, control, and confidence, enabling them to book multiple modes of door-to-door travel in one ticket, as well as support them throughout the entire journey. The platform will also introduce a new way of connecting the participants in the ecosystem through a range of services, content, and enhancements, and transform the way of booking and experiencing travel.

The recent launch of Junction happened at a time when outdated legacy systems and infrastructures are disrupting the consumer experience, along with increased difficulty in online research and booking for travelers. As per the 2021 Sustainable Travel Report of, 81% of travelers prefer sustainable accommodation. Snowfall’s latest introduction of the travel platform will simplify the process of booking as well as lead to more sustainable modes of travel.

The Junction platform is powered by cloud-based modules, namely:

  • Plus: This technology revolutionizes industry workflow and traveler experience
  • Boost: It is an open architecture application store for ecosystem collaboration
  • Pay: Provides seamless payments
  • Exchange: Ensures cost-effective distribution

According to Stefan Cars, Founder and CEO of Snowfall, the company has developed Junction to unlock the power of technology and deliver travel that is flexible, accessible, and straightforward. The platform will bring simplicity to the travel industry through the incorporation of all travel modes in a single, dynamic operating system. It will also enable resellers and suppliers to provide a new generation of offers to customers through their preferred channels.

The UK-based travel technology company has been leveraging its experiences in major multimodal travel verticals. While collaborating with nearly 40 top-tier travel companies, its solutions like ticketless travel have notably led the way for travel innovation globally.

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