SoundCloud announces acquisition of AI music curation company Musiio

SoundCloud announces acquisition of AI music curation company Musiio

The audio streaming platform aims to leverage AI and enhance its music discovery features and allow users to upload music

Online audio sharing platform, SoundCloud has reportedly acquired Musiio, an AI-based music curator, to leverage its team and technology in line with former’s plans to strengthen the platform’s music discovery features.

Speaking on the acquisition, SoundCloud President Eliah Seton stated that Musiio’s AI capabilities will drive unique results on the audio platform allowing all to upload music irrespective of their affiliation with any label or a distributor.

Seton added that SoundCloud is a distinctive business, which is well positioned as both music-streaming platform for fans as well as business serving artists. It stands uniquely as the only platform that facilitates a direct relationship between artists and their fans.

As per SoundCloud, the 2007 founded audio streaming platform has more than 300 million tracks from 30 million creators, streamed across 190 countries and raised $75 million in 2020 from SiriusXM.

Singapore-based Musiio designed an AI capable of listening to music faster beyond any human capabilities and tagging the audio to create playlists, which helped anticipate songs a listener would want to hear next, ultimately enhancing user engagement for SoundCloud.

Previously, Musiio raised $1 million in a seed round after signing its first public client partnership with Free Music Archive – a U.S. radio station WFMU-developed free music site similar to Creative Commons.

Back then, Musiio became popular for bringing back several songs that had been forgotten between the sprawling catalog and doubled the plays for an eight-year-old track within a span of just 2 days.

While the intimacy associated with a hand-picked list on a mixtape will have its own significance, AI curation brings the advantage of reintroducing lesser-known songs and artists to a new and more acceptable audience.

For instance, Spotify’s AI helped surface a rare b-side of “Harness Your Hopes” by indie rock band Pavement and the track eventually became the band’s most-played piece on the platform.

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