Space Frame Market In-Depth Analysis, Growth Strategies and Comprehensive Forecast to 2026

Space Frame Market In-Depth Analysis, Growth Strategies and Comprehensive Forecast to 2026

Space frame or space structure, which is made by interlocking struts in a geometric pattern, have a widespread application in constructing workshops, airplane hangars, live concert arenas, assembly halls, transportation terminals, warehouses and sports arenas. Revolutionary inventions and innovations in architectural engineering have resulted advanced materials for space frame structure.

Production of these components will be amplified by the growing need for lightweight materials in architecture and structural engineering.

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Demand from architectural engineering

Space structures are considerably durable, which are extensively utilized in long-span rooftops, exterior walls, floors, and canopies. The material used in space frame structure render benefits of extension and contraction which results in high applications of the product in constructing large arenas to host mass gatherings, music concerts, and sports tournaments.

The space frame market, based on application, is categorized into vertical glazed, atriums, roofs, skylights, dome roofs, side bridges, skywalks, canopies, and entryways applications. The growing trend of adopting modern architectures in construction activities coupled with fast infrastructure development in emerging economies would render a sustainable market environment for the product.

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Applications of steel and metal space frame

Space frame are made of steel, aluminum, and metal alloys. On account of the structural advantages of metal space frame such as robustness, durability, and rigidity, the product is highly preferred in constructing self-supporting and rigid framework.

A steel space frame design supported by concrete or piers bases are used to construct workshops, garages, and others. With advantages such as cost-effectiveness, resistance to termites, flexibility, eco-friendliness, low maintenance cost, and others, the demand for steel space frame is growing steadily.

Single & double layer grid in construction

Based on structure, the space frame industry is bifurcated into single, double, and triple-layer grids. Single layer grids are used as the core structural system of floors and roofs which are highly required in commercial and residential construction.

Double layer grid (DLG) are made up of two sets of interconnected parallel beams. DLGs are made for plane surfaces, by modifying the top and bottom layers, it can be transformed into free forms that could be used in constructing structures of different shapes. The extensive construction and renovation activities across the globe will foster the product demand. 

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Infrastructure development in APAC amid COVID-19

Asia Pacific space frame structure market will be driven by the rising demand for construction activities, with accelerating population base and extensive advancements in construction techniques. However, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted the infrastructural development in the region, and it will continue to resist market growth throughout 2020.

According to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the net value of Asian infrastructure private transactions had declined to nearly US$196 billion in 2019. This crisis came to light due to the irregular trade policies, election cycles, the impact of climate change, and the slowdown of the global economy.

Notably, with the resumption of business operations after the end of the lockdown imposed due the coronavirus outbreak, the global economy is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Leading companies of the industry include Zhejiang Southeast Space Frame Co., CST Industries, Pillow Space Frame, Delta Structures, USKON, Gossamer Space Frames, HHSS Group, MERO-TSK International, Lindner Group, Core Metallic, DSI Spaceframes, and Hindustan Alcox, among others.

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