SpaceX to offer early public access to Starlink in the UK & Canada

SpaceX to offer early public access to Starlink in the UK & Canada
Elon Musk’s space transportation services venture SpaceX has recently announced its intention to start early public access to its Starlink satellite internet program in the UK and Canada. To date, the company has launched over 1,000 high-speed internet Starlink satellites and is seeking regulatory approvals in various nations.

During the recent launch webcast by the company, Jessie Anderson, lead manufacturing engineer at SpaceX reportedly stated that the company has expanded its ‘Better than Nothing Beta’ program earlier in the month, in an attempt to include customers throughout the UK.

She further went on to state that SpaceX is focusing on remote and rural regions in Canada and Northern U.S., where access to cable or fiber is limited.

The public beta program was commenced by the company in October 2020, with services offered at a price of $99 per month, in addition to an upfront cost of $499 for ordering the Starlink Kit. The kit consists of a user terminal, as well as a WiFi router to connect to the satellite network.

For the record, Starlink is an endeavor undertaken by SpaceX to create an interconnected internet ecosystem consisting of thousands of satellites, with an aim to provide high-speed internet access across the globe. The ambitious plan, which is estimated to cost approximately $10 billion or more to build, is expected by SpaceX leadership to bring in as much as $30 billion annually, which is over 10x the annual revenue brought in by its rocket business.

SpaceX is working towards expanding Starlink on a global scale. According to public records, the company is registered in South Africa, Austria, Spain, the Philippines, Brazil, Greece, Argentina, Ireland, Australia, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, New Zealand and Germany.

The firm has also made appeals for market access in Japan. Furthermore, Musk has spoken about the expansion of Starlink into the Caribbean and the Indian market as well.