Spotify commences the testing of live lyrics feature in the US

  • The music streaming service provider will now collaborate with Musixmatch for offering this feature
  • Currently under testing, Spotify has declined to reveal additional details regarding the expansion of this test

Swedish media service provider and audio streaming platform Spotify has reportedly confirmed its testing of a live lyrics feature in the United States market. Spotify has been offering this service in over 27 markets, including its latest release in South Korea. However, this feature was not available to American users for several years.

In the U.S., Spotify, in partnership with Genius, offers the “Behind the Lyrics” feature which provides a combination of trivia and lyrics of the song currently played. Spotify has commented that the new feature will be rolled out on an initial testing basis for some users in the United States starting from February 9, 2021.

A spokesperson at Spotify has reportedly stated that the audio streaming company frequently conducts such tests to enhance the user experience. Some of these tests can provide a learning experience whilst others can substantially broaden the user experience.

Although the company declined to provide additional details, they did mention that this new feature for the U.S. market is a collaborative effort with Musixmatch, which already runs this service on Spotify in non-US markets.

This is not Spotify’s first attempt at running a lyric feature in the US. The company worked with Musixmatch for 5 years, starting 2011 to 2016, before they terminated this partnership. Subsequently, Spotify collaborated with Genius and did not get back the lyrics feature in the U.S., despite huge demand from their American users. But in recent times, Spotify has revived its relationship with Musixmatch to test out the new lyrics feature for U.S. customers.

While it is currently in the testing phase, Spotify is yet to confirm the expansion of this test, which is why not all users from the U.S. are able to access this feature on the Spotify app.

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