Spotify records nearly 1 billion Android downloads in over 2 years

Spotify records nearly 1 billion Android downloads in over 2 years

Leaving its competitors behind, Spotify has hit a staggering one billion downloads on Google Play Store. The Swedish unicorn leapfrogged from 500 million installations to a billion in merely two years. The music platform is ahead in the race of the most downloaded music apps in the Android platform.

Unlike other apps, Spotify is downloaded separately, and the company claims to be adding various features to stay ahead in the competition. Apple Music and Podcasts are giving a run for the money to Spotify. Specifically, Amazon is giving a tough fight through its Amazon Music and Audible.

Not long ago, Spotify rolled out a paid subscription platform for podcasters to catch up with a similar service rendered by Apple. The audio streaming and media service provider teamed up with Facebook to enable listeners to play podcasts and music straightway from the Android apps and iOS of the social network through mini-player.

The new feature is reportedly being launched in 27 markets, such as the U.S. and Canada; while other markets will witness the rollout in the next few months. They have also announced an update for Android apps and iOS with a redesigned library tab.

With a robust filter, new grid view and enhanced sorting, the new “Your Library” tab is expected to provide seamless access to all their podcasts and music in one place. The caveat is users must use the app’s latest version to reap rewards from these new features.

Spotify affirmed to have 158 million premium subscribers, a surge of 21% Y-o-Y, and 356 million monthly active users, 28% increase, through March 31, 2021. Its earnings report revealed an upsurge of EUR 2.15 billion in revenue for the three months until March 31, from €1.85 billion in the preceding year.