Spotify takes on Clubhouse by launching Greenroom, its live-audio app

Spotify takes on Clubhouse by launching Greenroom, its live-audio app

Spotify has reportedly launched ‘Spotify Greenroom’, which was previously named Locker Room. The application is developed by Betty Labs, a startup acquired by Spotify in March.

The streaming platform is offering a new way of establishing connections between creators and their audiences with the help of live audio- something currently mastered by popular audio conversation app Clubhouse.

Along with that, the company has plans to introduce a Spotify creator fund, to pay creators catering to live audiences for their work.

During the announcement of launching Greenroom, the company stated that it has been working on the expansion of Locker Room’s capabilities since its inception. It is aimed at creating an experience of live audio, delighting both creators and listeners across the world.

The company believes it has an opportunity to expand the overall live category by driving content consumption and assistance in discovering new content. The launch of Greenroom lays the foundation for new content creators and in expanding Spotify’s potential into live audio ventures.

Spotify Greenroom is available across Android and iOS in over 135 markets across the world. The company is optimizing the application for deepening connections and increasing interactivity between live room participants.

Using their Spotify log-in details, users can download Greenroom for free. The app enables any user to participate in live rooms, or host a live room along with recording live conversations.

As per Spotify, the Greenroom service will keep on evolving as it learns more about the listening patterns and other audio experiences expected from listeners.

It will also announce new products and content programming this summer.

For the record, Spotify is a media service and audio streaming platform founded in Sweden in 2006 by Daniel Ek. The company is one of the largest music streaming services in the world, with over 356 million monthly active users.