Starbucks UK to hire 400 new employees amid business rebound

Starbucks UK to hire 400 new employees amid business rebound

Starbucks UK is entering into a hiring spree as it seeks to recruit 400 new staff members in anticipation of a busy summer period. According to sources close to the move, the newly generated jobs will be available across 200 café sites including ones at suburban high street, city-center, and drive-thru locations. This comes as the company’s efforts to builds its workforce and deal with higher demand.

Confirming the news, Starbucks said that its new recruitment plans will mainly fill natural vacancies from staff choosing to leave who were not replaced while the company was strangled by lockdown curbs. It mentioned that they did not take any furlough support or make redundancies after the pandemic struck its UK operations.

As an employer for 3,664 staff across the UK, Starbucks claims that some of the newly opened job roles will include ones at its drive-thru locations, adding that around 98% of its estate is currently operational. The chain expanded its delivery and drive-thru options to meet customer demand as the option for dine-in was restricted.

Expressing the impact of COVID on its business, General Manager of Starbucks UK, Alex Rayner mentioned that it has been significantly difficult to be a high-street retailer as the pandemic has placed operating restrictions on its business that has dramatically impacted its profitability.

Alex said that the company placed high priority on keeping its staff employed, abstain from any redundancies at its stores and prepare itself to safely re-open following ease in restrictions. Elated with the move to recruit new employees, he mentioned that the 400 new staff members will help them rebuild its workforce, as their firm is optimistic about the future of its business.

Reports claim that the new jobs opening will be created at a wide variety of UK towns and cities including Coventry, Aberdeen, Cardiff, Winchester, Dundee, Sheffield, Leeds, Birmingham, Derby and Newcastle.