Stay fit and healthy in winter, the body will stay healthy | Winters are the perfect season for health, follow these important tips

New Delhi: Winter has hit northern India. Its effect on our health begins to manifest itself in the winter season. Such as skin discomfort, laziness, colds and coughs. Eat more in winter than in summer. At the same time, the body also starts lazily. Tell yourself how to take care of your health in winter.

Exercise or long walk (exercise)
Exercise is very important to stay in shape. With this you can control your weight. In addition, laziness is reduced and agility remains. If you want, you can also take a long walk. This creates heat in the body and speeds up blood circulation.

Reduce your salt intake
Salt intake should be reduced in winter. Because too much salt is a treat for heart disease. Blood sugar and cholesterol should be controlled this season.

Protect yourself from the cold
Protect yourself from the cold during this season. The tan should be covered with maximum warm clothes. Do not touch the feet, head and ears at all with cold air. Get 8 hours of sleep. Eat hot things while eating. In winter, if the skin begins to crack, apply an oil or body lotion.

Pay special attention to your diet:
In winter, many diseases are ready to surround the body. So always ensure a good diet. It is very beneficial to eat whole grains, oatmeal, which not only reduces weight, but also lowers the risk of heart disease. Vegetables and fruits should be eaten in winter. The vitamins and minerals they contain reduce the effects of illnesses in winter. Do not eat fried and saturated foods.

Water and drink
Water should only be drunk in winter. If you can drink herbal tea, definitely drink it, as it lowers LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

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