Storm Bella contributes 50.7% wind power in Great Britain on Boxing Day

Storm Bella contributes 50.7% wind power in Great Britain on Boxing Day
Storm Bella, which recently hit the UK, has reportedly helped provide 50.7% of the electricity via wind in Great Britain on Boxing Day. The storm, that brought gusts of up to 100mph, has enabled the country to reach the ‘greenest year on record’.

More than half of the daily electricity in Great Britain has been generated for the 1st time from wind turbines due to the recent storm. In August 2020, wind briefly hit 60% in the region. However, it previously did not sustain such levels for 24 hours.

People with knowledge of the matter have reported that, over the last decade, Britain has experienced the renewable energy sector expansion, owing to the rising production of wind, biomass, and solar power.

The recent milestone came along the heels of a string of low-carbon records that were set in 2020, as the COVID-19 restrictions reduced the demand for electricity and provided solar & wind power developers an opportunity to hold a larger share. As per recent statistics, coal and gas power facilities generated 36% of the power in Wales, Scotland, and England, which is a decline from 46% in 2019. On the other hand, solar and wind farms provided 29% of the power, a hike from 23% generated in Great Britain in 2019.

Cornwall Insight’s analyst, Tom Edwards, has reportedly stated that the electricity system operator increased its dependence on the gas-fired power facilities by 20% in September 2020 as compared to a year earlier, amid the decreasing clean energy generation.

The fall in the cost of batteries and other energy storage systems is anticipated to boost the deployment of renewable energy in Great Britain. In addition, the ongoing pandemic has substantially impacted the overall power usage in 2020 as compared to other normal years, as various institutions and organizations have been forced to remain closed for extended periods. Electricity demand has also reduced from 32.58-GW in 2019 to 30.6-GW in 2020.