Sungrow provides inverter solutions for 100MW solar farm in Hungary

Sungrow provides inverter solutions for 100MW solar farm in Hungary
Sungrow, a leading inverter solution provider, have reportedly supplied medium-voltage inverter solutions to one of the largest PV projects in Central Europe (100 MW) that is located in Kaposvàr, south-west Hungary. With this, the company has demonstrated its efforts to support Hungarys climate policy targets which includes assisting carbon-neutral energy production by 2050.

Constructed by China National Machinery Import and Export (CMC), the project has until now completed over 50% of its construction volume despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anticipated to be commercially completed by February 2021, the PV project will ensure power generation of 130 GWh annually, equivalent to eliminating 4,500 tons of CO2 per year, effectively satisfying the power demands of a city that encompasses around 50,000 people.

As per sources close to the development, the PV project uses Sungrow’s turnkey medium-voltage inverter solutions, that are known to offer high efficiency, evidently maximizing the yield of solar PV plant.

In addition to offering its inverter solutions, Sungrow also provides advanced container integration service which supports compatibility and system efficiency when the customer adopts devices like RMU (Ring Main Unit) and Protecta from other manufacturers. The highly integrated container design could support transportation and O&M, offering larger cost-saving.

In a statement, Lewis Li, General Manager of Sungrow Europe, said that the company is delighted to offer competitive inverter solutions for powering more communities & facilities, utilizing solar assets for accelerating the shift towards a sustainable environment, and fueling economic growth for Hungary.

Sources claim that Hungary plans to ensure long-term security of energy supplies as well as increase the share of renewable energy sources in its existing electricity generation mix. Meanwhile, Sungrow made its first entry in the European country a decade ago and has been providing tailored solutions and services for local customers.