Supercell to invest $60Mn in Trailmix to supercharge its growth

Supercell to invest $60Mn in Trailmix to supercharge its growth

Supercell, a Finland-based game company, has recently acquired a major share in Trailmix, the creator of Love and Pies mobile game, and has hinted plans to invest $60 million to expand its growth.

The move is part of a strategic investment by Supercell that aims to generate billions from famous games such as Clash Royale, Boom Beach, Clash of Clans, Hay Day, and Brawl Stars.

Carolin Krenzer, CEO and Co-founder of Trailmix, said that their company has been working with Supercell for a very long time and they are happy with this partnership. Love and Pies have been doing great over the last few months; therefore, the partnership is a natural step in the success journey.

Trailmix launched Love and Pies in September and since then the game has witnessed more than 2 million downloads and had a 10% retention rate over four months. However, the company still needs to grow the game to make it sustainable over the long term.

As a result, the mobile game studio company requires an investment in user acquisition, and this is where most of the investment from Supercell will be deployed, said Krenzer.

With this funding, Trailmix will have the resources and power to control the user acquisition by itself, instead of surrending that function to a third party. This will enable the company to have direct contact with its fan and get constructive feedback on the game.

Ilkka Paananen, Chief Executive Officer, Supercell, said that they are thrilled to acquire a major share in Trailmix. The team has done an impressive job with Love & Pies and has set a high benchmark for the gaming industry in having a positive effect on players.

He further said that it's a privilege for Supercell to be a part of Trailmix’s journey from the start. Trailmix's vision to create a dynamic team who can create inclusive games for everyone has always inspired Supercell and the company is looking forward to seeing what the talented team comes up with further.

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