Syngenta Crop Protection to ink AI partnership with Insilico Medicine

Syngenta Crop Protection to ink AI partnership with Insilico Medicine
Global agriculture frontrunner, Syngenta Crop Protection has reportedly collaborated with AI and deep learning provider, Insilico Medicine to speed up the launch and development of advanced crop protection solutions to guard crops against diseases, weeds, and pests, in a bid to protect the ecosystems. With this move, the agriculture-based firm plans to offer farmers faster and efficient solutions through innovations to focus on their ongoing challenges for affordable, quality food as well as to enhance their productivity.

For those uninitiated, Insilico Medicine has shown significant advances in pharmaceutical research for the use of AI and deep learning in designing, synthesizing, and validating new ingredients with a proven track record. These processes also have the potential to bring transformation in order to develop new crop protection solutions to keep the plants safe during planting and harvesting.

Through this collaboration, Insilico Medicine would deploy its AI-based small molecule generative chemistry technology to quickly create molecules for active ingredients, as well as to actively design sustainable and environmentally friendly molecules.

Head of Crop Protection Research at Syngenta, Camilla Corsi, revealed that the collaboration would assist the company in harnessing the tremendous potential of AI, in order to come up with advanced sustainable crop protection solutions, given the firm’s $2 billion commitment towards innovation and sustainability. It would also lead to an agricultural transformation and provide farmers with the tools to efficiently produce healthy, nutritious, cost-friendly, and sustainably grown food, while simultaneously curbing the environmental impact.

As per founder and CEO of Insilico Medicine, Alex Zhavoronkov, the firm is excited to partner with Syngenta to deploy AI solutions for the benefit of agriculture, while addressing it as a progressive company with numerous brilliant scientists and throwing light on its dedication towards developing safe and sustainable solutions. The CEO further stated that their AI solutions are extremely valuable for crop sciences and have been designed for product safety-oriented businesses from the ground up, to create highly accurate chemistry to guard human health while rendering short-term and long-term protection.