TC Energy’s Keystone XL Project pledges zero carbon emissions

TC Energy’s Keystone XL Project pledges zero carbon emissions
Canadian energy company- TC Energy Corporation has reportedly announced a sustainable energy initiative undertaken for its Keystone XL project. Through this measure, the company aims at achieving net-zero emissions across its various project operations once placed in service in the year 2023 and has claimed that the project is expected to be powered through renewable energy sources by then.

Notably, the announcement comes as a part of the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability by adopting innovative techniques to reduce greenhouse gas emissions along with offering renewable energy to communities.

According to Richard Prior, President of Keystone XL, the project was proposed nearly a decade ago to meet the changing energy demands of the people in North America. The novel initiative will help meet the emission targets and will prove to have one of the lowest environmental impacts of an oil pipeline with respect to greenhouse gas emissions, he added.

Seemingly, post the successful execution of the initiative, TC Energy aims at becoming one of the top 10 corporate renewable sponsors across North America. Moreover, the effort is likely to eliminate over three million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emitted each year in greenhouse gas emissions- equal to nearly 650,000 cars taken off the road.

Speaking along similar lines, the Canada-based energy giant is expected to inject an investment of more than USD 1.7 billion in communities along the Keystone XL footprint developing almost 1.6GW of renewable energy and generating thousands of construction jobs in the rural and indigenous communities.

In addition to the above, the company has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with North America’s Building Trades Union to together work on the construction of TC Energy sourced or owned renewable energy projects.

Sean McGarvey, President NABTU, was reportedly quoted stating that, the agency has partnered with TC Energy to ensure developing trade labor constructs sustainable energy projects along the Keystone XL route.

The agreement will not only help KXL meet its zero-emission targets by 2023 but also develop a power capacity that is needed to operate the pipeline from renewable sources of energy and creating thousands of jobs.