Tesla robots to be worth more than its car business, claims Musk

Tesla robots to be worth more than its car business, claims Musk

Elon Musk, CEO of the American automotive company Tesla, had reportedly announced that robots are predicted to be worth more than the firm’s car business and even its FSD (full self-driving) program.

Musk said earlier this month during the opening of Tesla's gigafactory in Texas that a fresh wave of models, including the Optimus robot, will be released in 2023. During the firm's Q1 2022 earnings call on Wednesday, Musk warned analysts that the Optimus robot program was underestimated.

He added that the significance of Optimus will become obvious in the coming years. Those who listen carefully or are insightful will see that Optimus will someday be worth a lot more than the vehicle business, and even much more than FSD.

Tesla is developing a humanoid robot, with a prototype set to debut in 2023. The Tesla robot will have a 125-pound weight and have a 5-mile-per-hour walking speed. The 5.8-inch robot is expected to be used to operate automated machinery at Tesla facilities, as well as part of the software and hardware that runs the Autopilot driving assistance system. A screen will be built into the robot's face to convey critical information.

The Tesla CEO also stated that the company is developing a dedicated robotaxi and that will not have pedals or a steering wheel because it is highly geared for autonomy. In 2024, Robotaxi could be in full production.

Musk expressed that based on some of the calculations, a robotaxi ride will look to be less expensive than a bus ticket, discounted bus ticket, or subsidized subway ticket. He believes that robotaxi will be a major driver of Tesla’s growth. The EV manufacturing company is still on schedule to start mass production of the Cybertruck next year.

Source credit: https://www.business-standard.com/article/technology/tesla-robots-will-be-worth-more-than-car-business-says-elon-musk-122042100308_1.html