Thermal Paper Market 2021 | Regional Insights & Growth Forecast To 2025

Thermal Paper Market 2021 | Regional Insights & Growth Forecast To 2025

Steadily expanding retail sector across North America has had a significant contribution towards thermal paper market trends over the years. Thermal papers are essentially papers that are capable of changing color when exposed to heat without having to use traditional ink.

It is widely used in thermal printers and especially for devices like credit terminals, adding machines and cash registers. Special heat-sensitive materials are used in the making of such papers. The mixtures of the chemical materials varies at the manufacturer’s facilities, depending on the end applications.

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In a massively competitive environment, the retail sector has experienced strong business operations and will continue to grow further. With over 1 million retail establishments across the United States, the total sales in retails had exceeded $5 trillion in the country in 2017.

Thermal paper is used on a daily basis in wide areas of life like in the checkout receipts as well as price labels in supermarkets and the parcel labels across the logistics centers, wherein the information has to be printed immediately and economically. Thermal papers are used by direct thermal printers comprising small heating elements that both heat and cool alternatively. These machines are majorly used across the retail industry accompanied by other commercial spaces to expedite the checkout processes.

A rapid growth in the retail applications has had a notable impact over the use of thermal printers for printing checkout receipts, bolstering global thermal paper market size.

Thermal papers exhibit high stability in fluctuating temperature as well as resistance to moisture and enable barcode scanning facility. The food and beverage sector has a wide use of thermal papers as it is not only used to check out receipts but also price labels that are generally attached to the products. Information such as price, expiry dates accompanied by stickers and hallmarks are borne by thermal papers.

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Food and beverage industry is considered to be among the largest manufacturing sectors in the European Union with a turnover of €1.1 trillion as well as €230 billion in terms of economic value added. The region is also the biggest exporter of food and drinks worldwide. The exports for the industry had accounted for €110 billion and a trade surplus of €35 billion. Consistent expansion of the food and beverage market will fuel thermal paper consumption over the coming years.

High disposable income has led the consumers to spend on leisure and recreational activities such as visiting gaming zones or going to the movies. Thermal papers are mostly used in the ticket counters for POS receipts or gaming tickets. The product offers high mobility and is capable of displaying full graphics that are required in packaging industries.

The robust thermal paper market forecast across Asia Pacific is due to a booming packaging industry in the region. The sector has been flourishing from the past years owing to the increase in the production of food, electronics and industrial products amidst a growing economy and rapid industrialization.

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