TikTok adds 6 new certified Sound Partners to improve access to music

TikTok adds 6 new certified Sound Partners to improve access to music

TikTok, the video-sharing social networking service, has reportedly announced the addition of six new certified Sound Partners, which the company claims will make it more easy for different brands to tap into sound and music on the platform.

According to reports, the new collaborations with the six music enterprises are part of an extension of the TikTok Marketing Partners program, which was rolled out back in September 2020.

As per TikTok, apart from the company’s Commercial Music Library, which involves over 150,000 royalty-free, pre-cleared music and soundtracks procured from new artists and prominent music houses, the new Sound Partners can help different brands capitalize on the unique potential of the platform’s sound-on ecosystem at scale.

The Sound Partners are divided into two categories: Subscription Sound and Custom Sound, to support what the company terms as ‘campaign objectives’, ranging from establishing a sonic brand image to building an evergreen content strategy.

TikTok's Custom Sound partners compose custom tunes to inspire community engagement and enthusiasm around different Hashtag Challenges, promotions, and more.

The company’s Custom Sound partners include:

  • KARM, a global music production business specializing in bespoke TikTok tunes.
  • MassiveMusic, a creative music firm that curates and develops music, music management, and sonic branding solutions for major companies.
  • The Elements Music, a music and sound firm that specializes in creating music for companies.

Meanwhile, the company’s subscription sound partners deliver flexible music offerings with the help of monthly, annual, or project-based licensing deals, which enable companies to build always-on strategies for TikTok.

The company’s subscription sound partners include:

  • Epidemic Sound, a producing music label based in Stockholm.
  • Songtradr, a B2B music license marketplace located in Los Angeles.
  • UnitedMasters, an independent music distribution platform.

According to Melissa Yang, TikTok's Head of Ecosystems, sound is TikTok's international language, and companies must embrace music and sound in order to authentically appear on the platform.

Melissa added that TikTok's new Sound Partners have a history of helping marketers with the development of strategies for the platform, while offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes.