TikTok launches ‘Year on TikTok’ to annually review the most-liked clips

TikTok launches ‘Year on TikTok’ to annually review the most-liked clips
TikTok- a Chinese video-sharing social networking app owned by ByteDance, has reportedly rolled out a new feature dubbed ‘Year on TikTok’ which allows users to view the top videos, tracks, and effects they engaged in within the app throughout the year.

In addition to the above, this ‘first-time-ever’ personalized feature will also help identify the user’s favorite “vibes”- which includes the most liked videos, like cooking, animals, DIYs, travel, fashion, or any of the numerous communities that are available on the platform.

Notably, the mobile application available on both iOS and Android operating systems, includes TikTok highlights to scroll through, comprising of top creators, viral videos, top memes, impactful creators, top songs, top celebs, and other year-end trends.

Seemingly, this app is an effective way to showcase one’s in-app experiences along with outlining the role TikTok has played in the user’s life throughout the year. However, TikTok will not be able to generate clips for those who haven’t been active, so not everyone will be able to take part. The company also released an overall ‘trends list for 2020’ earlier in December.

To access the ‘Year on TikTok’ feature, TikTok users can simply tap the icon on their ‘For You’ feed or scroll to the banner placed at the top of the application’s Discovery page. Additionally, when users share their Year on TikTok video on the platform, they can unlock a special “2020” badge that may be added to their profile photo.

A feature similar to that offered by Facebook’s regular ‘Memories’, that helps increase one’s connection with the social media platform. This option builds nostalgia and also reminds the user that Facebook was a part of their memory, which makes the person feel positive about the role the application plays in their day-to-day communications.