TikTok to roll out half a dozen of new music effects for creators

TikTok to roll out half a dozen of new music effects for creators

TikTok, a video-sharing social networking service, has recently unveiled half a dozen of music effects for the creators. These new effects, which provide features such as animations, visualizations, and interactivity, are expected to be rolled out in the next few weeks.

The company has reportedly cited that it has initially started with the launch of its Music Visualizer effect, presently available to the global user base, which runs beat tracking in real-time to allow the animation of a retro greenscreen landscape. The effect was added to its Creative Effects tray, with above 28,000 videos having been created using the feature. It is compatible with any sound available in its music library and has been used by AREA21, an electronic dance music duo.

Apart from Music Visualizer, other effects to be launched by TikTok include:

  • Mirror Beats – The effect aligns display transitions with the song beats from the library
  • Solid Beats – Adds visual effects that sync with the song beats
  • Text Beats – Helps add animated text overlays to the video in sync with the sound beats from the library
  • Delayed Beats – Recreates the freeze-frame effect that aligns transition to the music beats
  • Music Machine – Offers a set of tools that help control the rendering of the MIDI loops for various music layers in real-time

The recent launch of new effects happened along the heels of the arrival of new features from TikTok’s competitors or major social networking platforms such as Reels of Instagram, Spotlight of Snapchat, and Shorts of YouTube. This introduction of new features highlights the increased focus of the rivals companies in gaining a competitive advantage by delivering enhanced product experiences.

All TikTok’s new effects are anticipated to be rolled out to its dedicated ‘Music’ tab within the Creative Effects tray, as it becomes globally available.