Tooth Abscess Is Painful Know About Symptoms How To Get Treatment Learn About Teeth Abscess Symptoms, Get Treatment Like This And Take Care Of Yourself

New Delhi: Tooth abscess is very painful. It makes your health very bad. The abscess in the teeth comes out due to infection in the mouth, it causes pus in the teeth or gums. The abscess at the end of the teeth is called periapical and the gum abscess is called periodontal. If you do not treat it for a long time, the bones and teeth around the abscess are damaged, which is very painful. A tooth abscess can be caused earlier by any dental treatment.

Symptoms of tooth abscess
When there is an abscess in the tooth, we start to see its first symptoms. In this, the pain of the teeth and gums gradually reaches the jaw, ear and neck. The tooth or gum in which the abscess comes, there is severe pain. If precautions are taken carelessly, the pain spreads to the jaw, ear, and neck.

The pain is so unbearable that you also have difficulty in the daily work. Like eating, sleeping. Health problems must be faced. The swelling comes on the face. This causes difficulty in eating and drinking hot or cold. You must contact the dentist before the infection progresses.

Contact the dentist
You should see a dentist as soon as the symptoms of the tooth abscess appear. Otherwise, the dentist in position will take an x-ray of your teeth or gum tissue to find out where the abscess has come from, in order to prevent infection.

Tooth abscess treatment method
Show it to the dentist as soon as you see the symptoms, you will know how the condition of the abscess and infection is and how your tooth abscess will be cured.
1. Root canal treatment can fill the empty space inside the tooth or gums.
2. If the empty space cannot be filled, the doctor will remove the tooth or gum.
3. The initiation and drainage method is adopted. With this, make a small incision in the gums and remove the pus. But this is a temporary solution.

Dental abscesses
It is important to keep them healthy to avoid dental abscesses. You should brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride-rich toothpaste. After eating food, wash your mouth with lukewarm water. So that food particles do not stay in your mouth. Replace the toothbrush in 3-4 months. You can also take an antiseptic or fluoridated mouthwash.

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(Note: Doctors consult before taking any measurements)