TripStack joins forces with Navitaire over Virtual Interline Technology

TripStack joins forces with Navitaire over Virtual Interline Technology

TripStack, a global leader in Virtual Interlining (VI) technology that combines airlines, without traditional interlining agreements, into a single itinerary, has recently announced a strategic collaboration with Navitaire, a company that delivers industry-leading technology services, to present carriers to retail Virtual Interline.

With this collaboration, around 60+ Navitaire-hosted carriers will get an opportunity to enlarge their current network and generate additional revenue without cost and complexity linked with outdated interline agreements.

Virtual Interlining links flights between carriers without the earlier interline agreement, along with passengers responsible for transporting their checked-in baggage between carriers at linking airports.

The benefits include access to reduced fares and more options for flight connections. In addition, transfers are undertaken and safeguarded by the TripStack Self-Connect assurance, which offers in-trip customer support on the occasion of missed connections or scheduled changes.

Gabor Toth, CEO of TripStack, said that the firm has been working hard to build self-connect technology and is keen on collaborating with a highly respected company like Navitaire. It looks forward to serving Navitaire customers and expanding Self-Connect solutions further together with Navitaire in the future.

David P. Evans, Navitaire CEO, said that the firm believes that this collaboration with TripStack, one of the leaders focusing on employing the true Virtual Interline capabilities, can offer trailblazing opportunities for airline customers.

Together, the firm will offer a less complicated and flexible way for airlines to reach more customers with the help of modern technology for streamlining the Virtual Interline booking process.

TripsStack was founded in 2016 and is one of the global leaders in VI (Virtual Interlining) technology. Its VI tech combines carriers into a single journey. It also expands the network and product offering by providing travelers with more connections at a better price.

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