Ukraine Parliament unveils 2 laws to restrict Russian music and books

Ukraine Parliament unveils 2 laws to restrict Russian music and books
  • Kyiv is looking forward to breaking many existing cultural ties between the two nations
  • The laws are yet to be signed by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to take effect

Amid the Russia-Ukraine war, the parliament of Ukraine has recently voted through two laws that will mandate severe restrictions on Russian music and books as Kyiv looks forward to breaking various remaining cultural ties between the two said nations following Moscow’s invasion.

One of the laws seeks to forbid the printing of books by Russian citizens unless they abdicate their Russian passport and gain Ukrainian citizenship.

However, the ban is applicable to those who held the citizenship of Russia after the 1991 collapse of Soviet rule.

In addition, the law also has amendments to impose a ban on the commercial import of books printed in Belarus, Russia, and seized Ukrainian territory, along with requiring special authorization for importing books in Russian from any other country.

The other law seeks to ban the playing of music by post-1991 Russian citizens on public commuting transport and media platforms, along with promoting Ukrainian-language vocal and music content that streams on television and radio channels by increasing their quotas.

Both the laws still need to be signed by Ukraine President Zelenskyy to take action, and there is as such no sign that the president opposes either. The laws received immense support from the chamber, including from lawmakers who had been seen as pro-Kremlin by Ukraine’s civil society and media.

Oleksandr Tkachenko, the Culture Minister of Ukraine said that he was glad to welcome the new laws.

The cabinet website of Ukraine stated that the laws are formed to help Ukrainian authors deliver quality content with the widest available audience, as after the Russian invasion the country will not accept any Russian creative product.

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