Veo, Lime, and Bird to deploy 1,000 e-scooters each in Bronx, New York

Veo, Lime, and Bird to deploy 1,000 e-scooters each in Bronx, New York

American micro-mobility services providers Bird, Veo, and Lime have reportedly secured coveted permits to pilot an e-scooter-sharing program, which is set to be launched in Bronx, New York this year.

The program, which was initially proposed in October last year by the NYC Department of Transportation, was scheduled to start in March 2021. The three companies are expected to deploy a fleet of 1,000 scooters each in the Bronx by early summer.

According to NYC’s Transportation Department, the entire selection process was quite competitive, and that Veo, Lime, as well as Bird, have apparently presented ideal pricing plans and e-scooter models that could allow commuters to use these services under USD 5.

The safety and mobility of e-scooters will also be enhanced with the construction of new pilot zone bicycle lanes over the next two years, the regulator added.

Some experts cite that securing a permit to operate in New York City is crucial in determining the sustainability of the operators since the ridesharing industry is presently run by very few players.

Bird currently operates in over 100 cities across Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, while Lime has a slightly better presence with over 130 cities in similar regions under their belt. The recent development will allow the two micro-mobility solutions providers to upscale as well as reinforce their position in this business vertical, experts claimed.

Meanwhile, VeoRide Inc., the Chicago-based micro-mobility company, currently operates in 20 cities across the United States and is yet to establish its mark in this industry space. The opportunity to operate in New York could provide the startup lucrative growth as well as revenue generation opportunities.

E-scooters, which provide an average of one mile per trip, is likely to replace short car journeys as well as allow people to commute easily to a bus stop or a subway station.

With the upcoming summers and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it would be interesting to see how the new initiative revolutionizes New York City’s commute in the subsequent months.