ViacomCBS launches new Paramount Plus and Showtime streaming bundle

ViacomCBS launches new Paramount Plus and Showtime streaming bundle

ViacomCBS, a mass media and entertainment company, has recently launched a new discounted streaming bundle that packages both Paramount Plus and Showtime together.

This new streaming bundle will initially be made available at promotional prices till 20th October 2021. Notably, the bundle for ad-free or premium members will be priced at $13 per month, which is $8 cheaper than what the users pay for the two services separately. On the other hand, the entertainment company will offer the bundle at $10 per month for ad-supported tiers, which is $6 lower than their separate costs.

ViacomCBS is yet to disclose the normal rates it will charge users for the streaming bundle once the promotional pricing ends. Apart from the company, other mass media and entertainment giants have also introduced bundles of online media services. Disney, for example, offers a bundle of Hulu, ESPN Plus, and Disney Plus streaming-video services at a discounted rate of $14 per month. In addition, Amazon’s $13 per month Prime membership service unlocks varied services, including Prime Video service and Prime Music catalog of streaming tunes.

Furthermore, separate streaming companies have also collaborated to bundle deals. For instance, Spotify provides Showtime or Hulu streaming-video services as a discounted add-on to its paid, premium music subscription.

Paramount Plus is one of the few video-streaming services rolled out over the past couple of years, including Discovery Plus, Peacock, Apple TV Plus, HBO Max, and Disney Plus, aiming to gain a competitive edge over streaming giant, Netflix. The company, like other streaming services, is planning to develop a particular concoction of movies, TV shows, and originals to cater to more viewers and transform the TV’s future.

ViacomCBS’s CEO and President, Tom Ryan has apparently cited that the company is planning to further expand the reach of both the services through its new competitively priced bundle.

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