Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Market Share 2021 - Industry Growth Forecast by 2025

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Market Share 2021 - Industry Growth Forecast by 2025

The voice over internet protocol (VoIP) market has garnered major share in developed nations owing to presence of high-speed broadband infrastructures which eliminate the need for maintaining a separate telecommunications network. In addition to making voice calls, VoIP can also conduct video conferencing calls, eventually allowing businesses to visually communicate with co-workers and clients to discuss deals, files, documents and agendas more effectively.

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) market share is slated to record significant gains from the international VoIP call segment. Demand for international VoIP calling services is estimated to increase exponentially over coming years, on account of its low-cost service offering. Several affordable international calling plans are being offered by VoIP service providers that allow organizations to conduct business across borders at low calling rates. Credible reports also estimate international VoIP calls market to hold major share of over 50% by 2025.

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Recent years have witnessed widespread adoption of cloud-based VoIP solutions. Cloud-enabled communication systems allow enterprise to scale up or down as per their business requirements, while enabling them to manage collaborate cost-effectively. In addition, these platforms eliminate the need to install any additional hardware equipment.

Phone-to-phone voice over internet protocol (VoIP) market size is projected to witness a CAGR of more than 17% through 2025. VoIP service providers today are providing affordable plans for domestic as well as international calling. The increasing penetration of smartphones and advanced features of VoIP, such as call waiting and routing will certainly augment its adoption.

Fixed VoIP is widely preferred among business enterprises as a reliable communications infrastructure, that ensures seamless internal and external communication, is critical for their success. Fixed voice over internet protocol (VoIP) market captured a revenue share of more than 62% in 2018 and is estimated to hold over 55% share of the global market by 2025. A fixed system ensures maximum security as number are assigned by service providers.

Managed IP PBX segment is poised to grow at a CAGR of more than 12% through 2025. As enterprises seek new ways to reduce their setup and maintenance costs and complexities, the demand for managed VoIP is growing. Manager service providers help customers expand their systems or upgrade PBX as per the requirement.

VoIP implementation across educational institutions is gaining momentum due to growing use of IP phones and smartphone applications among classes to enable collaboration and conduct seminars without being physically present. The demand for VoIP services across the education sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18% through 2025.

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Europe voice over internet protocol (VoIP) market will witness commendable growth over the coming years. Especially across Germany, the VoIP industry is recording lucrative growth on account of the region’s strong telecommunication infrastructure. Consumer demand and adoption of broadband high-speed Internet services is also considerable within the nation. With rising demand for cheaper communications service and increasing use of VoIP solution, the region is forecast to be a major ground for market growth over the coming years.

In addition, local market companies are focusing on expanding their market presence by entering into partnerships with companies operating locally with an extensive distribution network. Citing an instance, in November 2017, Grandstream had partnered with Net2phone to deliver comprehensive VoIP-based communications solutions for enterprises in Argentina.

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5.2. Integrated access/SIP trunking

5.2.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2014 – 2025

5.3. Managed IB PBX

5.3.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2014 – 2025

5.4. Hosted IB PBX

5.4.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2014 – 2025

Chapter 6. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Market, By Access Type

6.1. Key trends, by access type

6.2. Phone to phone

6.2.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2014 - 2025

6.3. Computer to computer

6.3.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2014 - 2025

6.4. Computer to phone

6.4.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2014 – 2025

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