Voly introduces financial management platform for music industry

Voly introduces financial management platform for music industry

Voly, a UK-based financial company, has reportedly announced the soft launch of its new financial management software and payment platform designed for the music industry.

The financial company has already gained widespread recognition in the super-yachting industry with its FX services and accounting software. Seemingly, it has been collaborating with multiple music industry companies and executives over the recent months to develop the new integrated payment platform.

In order to establish the specialist platform for the music sector, Voly has appointed the founder and former CEO of YMU, Neil Rodford, to the board with a remit to oversee the entertainment strategy of the company. The financial company has cited that the platform is aimed at streamlining and simplifying budgeting accounting processes as well as reporting for artists and business managers.

Officially launching in 2021, Voly has been designed to function as a centralized, online financial hub for artist expenditure and income streams, along with a focus on touring. The platform will be available in a monthly subscription model and is being trialed by numerous leading UK music companies. In addition, the company is partnering with SJM to improve the product from a perspective of a live music promoter. Apparently, it is inviting applications to join a free trial for the remainder of the year.

According to Voly’s Founder and CEO, Ian Flanagan, the company is thrilled to welcome Neil Rodford to the board to oversee the entertainment division and introduce it to a stellar network of industry professionals. It has developed an easy-to-use and intuitive platform, while providing state-of-the-art accounting, budgeting, treasury, FX, cash, and efficient reporting.

Neil Rodford has reportedly cited that the Voly team will increasingly cater to the needs of the music industry and promote better choices among artists and their representatives, which in turn, will materially increase the financial reporting speed.