Warner Music unveils WMX services division for artists and labels

Warner Music unveils WMX services division for artists and labels

Warner Music Group, an American entertainment conglomerate, has reportedly announced the launch of a next-generation services division known as WMX. This division was intended to help artists connect with fans and increase brand presence.

The new division includes the media and creative content arm of Warner Music as well as a rebranded WEA commercial services and marketing network. The latest rebrand highlights key aspects of the company’s value proposition to artists, including an in-house creative agency that encompasses D2C and merch, along with an expertise in gaming, fashion collaborations, ticketing, vinyl, streaming, experimental, social, and other fan experiences.

The announcement also revealed WMX’s connected audience of music lovers, consisting of more than 249 million monthly visitors. This growth is driven by the label’s owned media, such as the youth culture and music destination, Uproxx; the live music app, Songkick; and the hip-hop media platform, HipHopDX. In the U.S., WMX also ranked as a top 5 video media company for 18 to 34 audiences, generating nearly 46 billion views per month through music-centric content on Indie Mixtape, the Pit, and other YouTube channels, as well as social and streaming platforms.

The rebrand, led by Maria Weaver, WMX President, brings together 5 key functions, namely audience strategy, e-Commerce and retail, artist and fan experiences, media business, and commercial services, to maximize impact and reach. Through the latest initiative, WMX will consistently evolve to position Warner Music and artists for huge opportunities by creating immersive experiences and empowering artists to deepen their connection with fans across the globe.

As per the statement made by Max Lousada, CEO of recorded music at Warner Music, the music business has significantly transformed from being linear and transactional to a more complex, interactive, and multi-faceted process. WMX has been designed to offer artists and labels a dynamic range of services to help extend their brands and build devoted fanbases.

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