Wendy’s to re-enter UK market to gain competitive edge over rivals

Wendy’s to re-enter UK market to gain competitive edge over rivals

Wendy’s, an American fast-food restaurant chain, is reportedly planning to return to the UK market after 2 decades and compete with rivals such as Burger King and McDonald’s.

The company, which struck a delivery agreement with Uber Eats, left the UK market in 2001, due to its high operating costs. Known for square burgers, it is expected to launch up to 400 sales outlets and provide job opportunities for over 12,000 people across the nation. The significant expansion of the restaurant chain in the region is, however, expected to take several years.

For the record, the rival company, McDonald’s, has been operating across 1,300 outlets in the UK. Sources familiar with the matter have reportedly stated that the UK launch is expected to spearhead widespread expansion across Europe, as Wendy’s is set to build on robust growth in markets beyond the Atlantic, where the brand had dethroned Burger King and became the 2nd leading player in the U.S. hamburger market in 2020.

A typical Wendy’s restaurant employs over 30-50 staff and has vowed for no zero-hours contracts in sectors where there are low pay and poor working conditions. The company is aiming towards opening its 1st store in Reading, followed by Stratford & Oxford. It is further planning to match its product prices as that of the two main rivals in the region.

Founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas in Ohio, the fast-food restaurant chain presently operates 6,800 outlets. The company has been listed on Wall Street with a total valuation of £3.6 billion. Its product menu includes a pretzel bacon pub cheeseburger and baconater, while the UK menu will feature more options for vegetarians. Additionally, it is planning to gain a competitive edge over rivals and account for a major market share by placing high emphasis on service and quality.