WIL platform unveils drive-and-earn program for Hong Kong motorists

WIL platform unveils drive-and-earn program for Hong Kong motorists

Wilson Group-owned driving and lifestyle rewards platform, WIL is introducing a drive-and-earn point program, dubbed ‘Let’s Go!’ in Hong Kong, offering motorists in the city a new experience that allows them to earn free parking privileges along with on-the-go lifestyle rewards.

Divided into two phases, the program’s initial phase is scheduled to be executed from 27th June to 31st July this year, whereas the second phase is anticipated to be rolled out in August showcasing the addition of new food and beverage, and lifestyle brands for riders.

For promotional purposes, WIL is organizing a string of upcoming events and collaborations with influencers and will implement digital solutions and integrations as marketing strategies.

Moreover, WIL intends to leverage different platforms like Google, its website, and social media accounts across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram along with collaborations with media channels like KOL, and CRM communications such as bus ads to further promote the program.

As a part of the program, motorists will be able to accumulate points after passing by specific locations and these points will be converted into promotional offers and shopping privileges.

WIL has launched its new ‘Earn Points Location’ feature as part of the ‘Let’s Go!’ campaign, allowing members to automatically generate WIL points once they drive past ever ‘Earn Points Location’.

Thanks to the points earned through the ‘Earn Points Location’ function, members will be able to redeem exclusive awards including fuel vouchers, driving rewards, and parking offers.

According to WIL, every time a member passes through more than 150 ‘Earn Points Location’ spread across Hong Kong Island, New territory, Kowloon, and Lantau Island, they have a chance to win 100 WIL points.

After passing through 8 ‘Earn Points Location’ in two days, WIL members earn 3,200 points, which allows them to redeem 3,000 points for one-hour free parking. Meanwhile, members can earn triple points by driving through Tai Lam Tunnel.

Source Credit: https://www.marketing-interactive.com/wilson-group-s-wil-platform-pushes-accelerator-on-new-drive-and-earn-programme