WIPO for Creators gets its first corporate sponsor in UMG

WIPO for Creators gets its first corporate sponsor in UMG

Universal Music Group, a Dutch-American multinational music organization, has become the first corporate Sponsor of WIPO for Creators, a global project aimed at ensuring that creators are acknowledged and adequately compensated for their work.

According to reports, the campaign intends to do this by raising awareness and knowledge of artists' intellectual property (IP) rights.

WIPO for Creators is a public-private collaboration that promotes intellectual property rights for artists in a variety of fields, including music, literature, audiovisual production, and visual and dramatic arts.

It was co-founded by WIPO and the Music Rights Awareness Foundation of Sweden.

UMG stated as a Sponsor that it will contribute to the development of a number of WIPO for Creators objectives, in specially Creators Platform, an awareness platform for online rights that will artists across the arts via interactive "microlearning" films featuring rising creators and frequently updated information.

Throughout their careers, the videos and texts will be designed to swiftly offer answers to artists' queries as they emerge in real-time, frequently during the creative process.

Daren Tang, Director General of WIPO, stated that it is an honor to welcome UMG to the WIPO for Creators community and to see a music firm of UMG's scale take a pivotal role in WIPO's strategies to encourage IP rights awareness among creators worldwide.

Tang went on to add that the advantages of this collaboration would be far-reaching and vital, particularly for producers in underdeveloped nations where the artistic potential is abundant. WIPO looks forward to collaborating with UMG on bringing in additional key players to ensure that the benefits of WIPO for Creators are felt far and wide.

According to Björn Ulvaeus, a Swedish singer and member of ABBA, it is incredibly thrilling and hope-inspiring that UMG has agreed to fund the crucial work that WIPO for Creators will perform. Jody Gerson and Sir Lucian are music professionals who have a profound grasp of creators and what motivates them.

Source credit: https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/universal-music-group-joins-wipo-for-creators-as-first-corporate-sponsor/