WMG inks deal with Twitch to launch a standalone music platform

WMG inks deal with Twitch to launch a standalone music platform

Warner Music Group (WMG), an American multinational entertainment and record label conglomerate, has reportedly partnered with Twitch- a subsidiary of Amazon.com and a video live streaming service that focuses on video game live streaming, to launch several recording artist channels and design a standalone music platform that features premium music-centric programming.

The first-of-its-kind agreement marks Twitch's first alliance with a major record firm, offering users innovative ways of interacting with music-based content on service and allowing artists to directly connect with fans.   

It is worth noting that the partnership between the companies will witness the introduction of Warner Music Group artist channels, like Warner Record superstars – Saweetie and Bella Poarch and the viral breakout singer and producer belonging to Atlantic Records- Sueco, along with featuring behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive content.

The latest effort will also allow Warner Music to explore Twitch’s novel creator-based model, generating additional income channels along with extending access to its unique fan engagement tools to understand the audience better.

For the record, the new standalone WMG platform commits to offer an exclusive experience as a leading music channel available on Twitch. It also includes professionally produced original programming designed by IMGN- a leafing social-first digital media firm that was acquired by Warner Music Group in 2020.

In addition to above, the new channel will support social interactivity and music discovery among various next-gen music heads and witness regular appearances from leading artists across the music industry.  

Speaking about the latest alliance, Oana Ruxandra, Chief Digital Officer and EVP, Business Development at WMG, mentioned that Twitch has emerged as a reliable space for various creators to connect with their fans. The partnership between the companies will allow on-ramp artists to join services of WMG and gain support from Twitch.

Between the artist-specific platforms and premium channels that WMG is set to launch, music lovers will witness a peek into the unique world of music and the lives of their favorite music stars, Oana added.