Zomato starts priority deliveries of COVID-19 emergency-marked orders

Zomato starts priority deliveries of COVID-19 emergency-marked orders
  • Thousands of restaurants have committed to prioritizing these deliveries in their kitchens, claims Deepinder Goyal, founder of Zomato
  • The feature will be applicable for orders marked as “COVID-19 emergency”
  • Priority deliveries are to be made contactless to ensure rider and customer safety

Food aggregator platform Zomato has recently announced its decision to roll out the “priority delivery” feature on its app. This feature will be applicable specifically for orders marked as “COVID-19 emergency” deliveries.

The delivery of these orders will be expedited by carrying out prioritized preparation at the kitchens of various partner restaurants. Founder of Zomato Deepinder Goyal has also stated that fastest rider assignment would help in getting the deliveries done quicker.

Goyal has also expressed that with the support of thousands of their restaurant partners, Zomato is able to offer the “priority deliveries” services for COVID-19 emergency-marked orders through the Zomato app. The feature will enable customers to choose the “This order is related to a COVID-19 emergency” option during checkout.

Priority deliveries are to be made contactless by default, said Goyal, in order to ensure that the riders, as well as subsequent customers remain safe. He also reiterated that given the current situation, all customers should opt for contactless deliveries.

He went on to thank the thousands of restaurant partners who offered their support to Zomato, by agreeing to prioritize these COVID-19 emergency-marked orders in their kitchens.

For the record, Zomato, and many other online food delivery companies have been exempted from the restrictions imposed during the current lockdown-like situation in Maharashtra. These online food delivery apps are being used extensively to place orders for home delivery, owing to the restriction of dine-in services in numerous states, as the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic makes its way across India.